New Men “Custom Tailoring” is a unique program that gives an opportunity to create your own suit.

The customer selects a form from a wide range of models, chooses the type of fabric and accessories.
To order a made-to-measure suit the team of our store in Poland or the cooperating salon abroad measure
a customer using the standard models of New Men. Then the most suitable model is being chosen and applied
with adjustments according to the client's meauserements.

New Men “Custom Tailoring” program lets the client participate in the creating
of his wear starting with an appropriate model, continuing with choosing
of fabric till the composing of all the accessories.



Another advantage of this program is the ability to try on and see the ready-to-wear
product from the collection in different size, and then suit it to the figure.

We sew only from our fabrics which come from reputable factories
from all over the world, e.g Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Spain.

There is also the possibility of bespoke tailoring, which requires a one person's engagement in the whole process
of creating a suit. This service is available only in the New Men Headquarters in Kraków, ul. Przewóz 2, because
a client has to come severel times: the first one to be measured and the others to try one the forming suit
till it's completely ready. The tailoring of one suit could take up even several weeks.

The draft of the suit, which was created once exclusively for the particular customer, remains in our computer database.
This gives the customer an opportunity to re-order bespoke suit at any time, without necessity of arrival to the company
(unless he has got too fat/slim, trained a lot, or anyhow changed his body noticeably)